Bereaved and Gone Insane

by Shivered

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Bereaved and Gone insane is the debut EP by Shivered


released May 25, 2016

Mohammad Maki : Guitars,Singer,Songwriter
Doug Ross : Bass
Arnaud Krakowka : Drums



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Shivered Iran

Shivered is a Gothic Doom Metal band founded in 2015 by Guitarist, Vocalist, and songwriter Mohammad Maki

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Track Name: Private Hell
bind my hands
Try to break me
You can't change what I am
It's me who decide

The anger in you
motivated me
to endure your hate
My voice is my own

Fire up the gun
Let my flesh bury in freedom
People can't deny what they see
You're on your own to make your private hell

You can take my eyes
But you can't take my thoughts
You have me tied up
So show me what you got

I won't become a filth
You can't haunt me
You're wasting your time
Point the gun and shoot

Just let the justice decide
Then I see you erasing out
For a second your throne will become your grave
And the hell that you made will crumble on your head
You have not seen the rage of freedom!

We struggle to believe
That world is not a place
to live in peace
Track Name: Doomsday Sun
The beauty of her
it hides the real evil within
It gives your soul a taste
a flavor of eternal pain

It grows
The girl
She haunts

she came like
Doomsday sun
Devoured my whole broken heart
then left me with the sins
I told her stay away
But without her I'm lost

She caused a darkness
Then loved me ruthless all over again
The taste behind her kiss
a flavor of eternal pain

Doomsday Here
All Alone
I've been waiting for so long
Track Name: Despondency
Another door closed on me
Another reason to stay
I gather all my feelings
I ripped them up and watched them bleed

I don’t need emotions
I don’t need love
They are worthless when you’re alone
You fight to survive
I fight to die
I’m sick of being sole

Suddenly everything disbanded
All the dreams I've been looking for
The sky turned grey and I cried
For the tragedy that won't be healed
From the holy love that lead to obsession
They grow my despondency

I tried to be like others
I colored my rusted soul
I calmed my weak depression
And tried to socialize

I don’t need emotions
I don’t need love
They are worthless when you’re alone
You fight to survive
I fight to die
I’m sick of being sole

Cringe Dread Cringe Death
Break The Nerve
Track Name: Shivers
If I could die this time
I'll Haunt the world
And I'll take you back
We can be together again
Would you come ?
I'm waiting for you
In this empty room
Magics will happen
If you open my wounds

Her demons
Distracts me
My demons
Punish her
On her knees

Shivers made me blind
Vision is uncomfortable
Her coldness
Frozen me
I can't make a move
My tongue is possessed
My mind is restless
Track Name: Darkness Falls
all I see is heartless
people are covered in blood
whole world disgust me
I'm afraid that
Sick I am or sick You are

No light in sight
Frozen thoughts are engaging
Darkness falls for once for all
So close my eyes and take me home

everyone is a thread
I feel safe no more
voices won't hush in my head
I'm afraid that

sick I am or sick you are

Overcoming the pressure
Fever kicks in
The eyes are looking
Mind is raging
I want to be alone
Just leave me alone
Track Name: Back Home
Back home
So long winter
Shadow of memories
Follows me down
I know Something is not alright

Have passed
I lost everything
Whats left
piece of flesh

Nightmares they comes alive
they wants me to change my mind
nightmares they comes alive
they wants me to change my mind

I came late
They are gone
Now I'm on my own
Silent wind blows
Dead in motion
Psychological torture
Oh What I did wrong?
Oh god it hurts
How could you just watch me suffer?

I made it
Though sickness burdens me
I never loved again
cause Sun won't shine again

They made my scars
they let the pain flows
but this is not my end
I'll wait until I fade out

After years of isolation
Unknown voice has woken me up
Now I'm back home
Volunteered to risk the fear
To complete what I left undone